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Wonders of the Solar System: Empire of the Sun

Our closest star is the strangest, most alien wonder of the solar system. Through modern space exploration, our generation is getting to know the Sun in exquisite new detail. 60 min landmark science documentary series presented by Prof Brian Cox for BBC2, directed by Gideon Bradshaw. Winner of 2 RTS awards, a Peabody, Gold Medal at NY Film Festival and 2 Broadcasting Press Guild Awards. Nominated for a Grierson and 4 BAFTA awards, including ‘Best Editing’.



Geldof in Africa, BBC1

Has Cooking Made Us Human?

Could the most crucial moment in our evolution have been when our ancestors made the ultimate leap of imagination: to put food into the flames? 60 min doc for BBC2 Horizon, directed by Charles Colville.

Sacred Music

An enthralling history of the development of Sacred Music in the Middle Ages: from Gregorian chants to Bach. 2 x 60 min docs for BBC4, directed by Andy Robbins.

The Human Body - The End of Life

50' landmark doc series with Prof Robert Winston, the moment of death, director Chris Spencer. BAFTA, RTS & San Francisco Film Festival awards.

Space - with Sam Neill

Look up at the stars and you see a million points of light - you're looking at the universe. But what is out there? 3 of 6 x 30min BBC1, directed by Jeremy Turner. RTS award.

Being Positive - Dead Lucky

How is it that Britain has largely escaped the world-wide AIDS pandemic? These films travel from Britain to the USA and Africa, examine the origins and scientific investigation of AIDS, and document the effect that this HIV has on each and every one of us. 2 x 50 min docs for BBC3, directed by Andy Robbins.

The Truth About Food: How to be Slim

If we're honest we all probably eat too much. But does dieting work? Andrea Oliver is on a quest to lose weight and learn the truth about being slim. 60min doc BBC2, directed by Konrad Begg.

The President's Guide to Science

The decisions of the US President influence the future of humanity. Science plays a large part in this immense power - whether to prosecute a war, save millions from disease or launch a mission to Mars. So: are you listening, Mr President? 60 min doc for BBC2 Horizon, directed by James van der Pool.

Help Me Help My Child

With unprecedented access to life at home and in therapy, this observational documentary series follows children and young adults through harrowing experiences as they struggle to overcome mental health problems. 50 min doc for Channel4 by IWC Productions, directed by Page Shepherd.

Rocket Science

Inspirational teacher Mr Smith attempts to ignite his students love for science by teaching them the chemistry and physics used in... fireworks! 3 x 60 min observational documentary series for BBC2 by Diverse Productions, directed by Andy Robbins.

The Great Ship

Isembard Kingdom Brunel, the most gifted engineer of the Victorian age. His most ambitious project: "The Great Ship," the largest moving object conceived by man. It was his most extraordinary achievement, but led to his downfall. 50 min landmark drama/doc directed by Chris Spencer. Short-listed for six BAFTAs, including Best Editing, and nominated for Best Documentary Series. Nominated for two Grierson awards and an RTS award

The Six Billion Dollar Experiment

What was it like in the early days of the Universe just after the Big Bang? A multi-billion dollar instrument could soon tell us. 60 min doc for BBC2 Horizon directed by James van der Pool. Nominated for Best Editing, Royal Television Society.

Geldof in Africa

Bob Geldof on a journey to meet ordinary Africans and reveal the forces that forged this luminous continent. 6 x 30 min docs for BBC1, directed by John Maguire.