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Heartland, starring Cate Blanchett & Ernie Dingo, ABC

Wonders of the Universe

13.7 billion years old, filled with countless stars and galaxies, our Universe contains unimaginable wonders. And each is connected to you.

Countdown to Life: The Extraordinary Making of You

Michael Mosely tells the story of the most perilous time in the womb. When everything about who we are hangs in the balance.

Forces of Nature

Prof Brian Cox takes us on a grand tour of Earth to explain what lies behind its startling beauty and unveils the forces that make our planet.


with Steven Johnson

The six-part series, produced for PBS and BBC2 by Nutopia and hosted by the popular American science author and media theorist, explores the power and the legacy of great ideas.

The Hunt for the Arctic Ghost Ship

In 1845 a British expedition led by Sir John Franklin set out for the Arctic. But they vanished. Archaeologists now mount the biggest ever search for the wrecks.