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Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners BBC2

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Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners

The abolition of slavery in 1833 was a great British triumph. But new research reveals a darker side to emancipation. 1 of 2 x 1 hour history series presented by David Olusoga for BBC2, directed by James van der Pool. Winner of the BAFTA award for Best Specialist Factual. Also nominated for 2 Grierson and 2 RTS awards.


Blitz: The Bombs That Changed Britain

The butterfly effect of one bomb - from initial impact right through to the wider consequences for modern Britain - is tracked, unveiling a complex chain reaction of personal, social and national stories. Nominated for a BAFTA award. 1 of 4 x 1 hour history series by Wall to Wall for BBC2, directed by Ben Crichton.


The Human Body: Secrets of Your Life Revealed: Learn

Dr Chris and Dr Xand van Tullekan uncover how our experiences shape our minds and bodies as we make the journey from helpless babies to the most sophisticated organism on earth. 1 of 3 x 1 hour science series for BBC2, directed by Penny Palmer. 


Wonders of the Moon

The moon has always captivated humanity. But now, new technology allows us to see and share our fascination as never before. 1 hour documentary for BBC1, directed by James van der Pool.


Forces of Nature

Prof Brian Cox takes us on a grand tour of Earth to explain what lies behind its startling beauty  unveiling the forces that make our planet. 2 of 4 x 1 hour science series for BBC1, directed by Matt Dyas.


Black and British: A Forgotten History

Few places have had a greater impact upon Britain than Africa and her peoples.  David Olusoga joins forces with people all over Britain and its former colonies to reveal the full extent of this history.  2 of 4 x 1 hour history series for BBC2, directed by James van der Pool. Nominated for 2 RTS awards.


Countdown to Life: The Extraordinary Making of You 

Michael Mosely reveals  the story of the most perilous time in the womb. When everything about who we are hangs in the balance. 1 of 3 x 60min science series for BBC2 & PBS, directed by Naomi Austin. 


The Day the Dinosaurs Died 

66 million years ago, the world was alive with dinosaurs. In a moment, they disappeared.  A remarkable expedition drills into an ancient undersea meteor crater to uncover the secret of what killed these mighty creatures.  1 hour science documentary for BBC2, directed by Nick Green.


Secrets of the Super Elements

Professor Mark Miodownik reveals rare materials that can do things that should be impossible.  1 hour science documentary for BBC4, directed by Laura Mulholland.


Soundwaves: Good Vibrations

Every sound wave contains information about where it’s come from and the journey its been on. This is the story of how the more we’ve come to understand sound, the more we’ve been able to use it to explore our world. 1 of 2 x 60min science series for BBC4, directed by Suzy Boyles.


Human Universe: Apeman/Spaceman & What is Our Future?

How did we become who we are? What drove our ascent from ape to man, from the dawn of civilisation to the stars?  2 of 5 x 1 hour science series presented by Prof Brian Cox for BBC2, directed byStephen Cooter and Nat Sharman.


Light & Dark 

Prof Jim Al-Khalili shows how scientists have used light to reveal almost everything we know about the universe.  1 of 2 x 1 hour science series for BBC4, directed by Stephen Cooter.


The Treasure Hunters 

Dallas Campbell & Ellie Harrison seek out the diverse stories behind our greatest riches. 1 of 2 x 1 hour science series for BBC1, produced & directed by Sophie Todd.


The Hunt for the Arctic Ghost Ship

In 1845 a British expedition led by Sir John Franklin set out for the Arctic. But they vanished. Archaeologists now mount the biggest ever search for the wrecks.  1 hour documentary for Channel 4, CBC & PBS, directed by Ben Finney.


How We Got to Now 

American science author Steve Johnson explores the power of great ideas, unlocking tales of unsung heroes and radical revolutions that changed the world and the way we live in it. 2 of 6 x 60min science/history for PBS & BBC2 by Nutopia. Directed by Paul Olding. Winner of Emmy Award  for Outstanding Motion Design.


Britain’s Greatest Pilot

The extraordinary story of Captain “Winkle” Brown”. His career spans a remarkable period in aviation: from wood and canvas biplanes through to experimental nazi jets and commanding nuclear bombers at the height of the Cold War.  60 min history prog for BBC2, directed by Simon Winchcombe.