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image: Edge of Life, BBC2 shortlisted 'Best Editing' BAFTA, nominated Grierson
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Darren Jonusas ASE

...has worked in television and films for 27 years:

8 years full-time at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2 years full-time & free-lance in London, 2 more years full-time at the ABC and 15 years back in London

Most of Darren's experience lies in science, documentaries, drama and comedy. Many of his films have won Australian and international awards. Deborah Warner's "Richard II" won a Rocky and was nominated for an Emmy. "The Pacific Century" & "The 1900 House" both won Indies. "The Money or the Gun" won the UN Media Peace Prize and "Heartland", starring Cate Blanchett, won the AFI award for "Best Drama Series" and the Australian Human Rights Award. "The Human Body" won awards at RTS, the San Francisco Film Festival, and BAFTA. Darren's episode, "The End of Life" was short-listed for "Best Editing" BAFTA. "Space with Sam Neil" won awards at RTS. "Human Instinct" was shortlisted for "Best Editing" BAFTA and nominated for an Emmy. "Seven Industrial Wonders" was shortlisted for 6 BAFTAs, including Best Editing. "Edge of Life" was shortlisted for "Best Editing" BAFTA and nominated for a Grierson Award. "The Six Billion Dollar Experiment" was nominated for "Best Editing" by the Royal Television Society. Darren has also been honoured with Accreditation by the Australian Screen Editors Guild.

At the Television Show in London, Darren presented workshops on editing. He ran training & support for Avid in England and Europe. At the ABC, he trained drama & doco editors and also supervised courses at The National Film and Television School at Pinewood.

Darren has been on the jury to decide the BAFTA award for "Best Editing in a Factual Programme". He judges editing awards for the Australian Screen Editors Guild. He has also researched and directed location shooting for BBC Science.

Australian but now living in England with his lovely (English) wife, 15 year old daughter and 12 year old son, Darren is 45 years old.

Darren has been using Avid since it first came to England in 1991 and Final Cut Pro for the last 3 years. Some of his credits in the UK and Australia include:

BBC2: SEVEN WONDERS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM 1 of 5 x 60 min science series presented by Prof Brian Cox. Directed by Gideon Bradshaw.

BBC2: TOUGH GUY OR CHICKEN: BANGLADESH 1 of 8 x 60' reality doc, directed by Dom Hill.

BBC2: ROCKET SCIENCE 3 x 60 min obs doc series by Diverse Productions. Directed by Andy Robbins.

BBC2: THE PRESIDENT'S GUIDE TO SCIENCE 60' science doc for Horizon, directed by James van der Pool.

BBC4: SACRED MUSIC WITH SIMON RUSSELL BEALE 2 x 60' music doc, directed by Andy Robbins.

DISCOVERY: RAGING PLANET 2 of 8 x 60' science doc, produced by Alice Harper.

CHANNEL4: ANIMALS IN THE WOMB: CATS 60' science doc for National Geographic and Discovery by Pioneer Productions, directed Stefanie Kern.

BBC2: THE SIX BILLION DOLLAR EXPERIMENT 60' science doc for Horizon, directed by James van der Pool, nominated for Best Editing, Royal Television Society.

BBC4: JOURNEYS INTO THE RING OF FIRE 3 of 4 x 60' geology series with Iain Stewart, directed by Arif Nurmohamed & Charles Colville.

BBC1: THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD 4 of 6 x 60' science doc series, directed by Konrad Begg, Nat Sharman, Andy Devonshire and Gideon Bradshaw, produced by Alice Harper.

BBC1: GELDOF IN AFRICA 6 x 30' doc series filmed in High Definition, directed by John Maguire.

BBC2: EDGE OF LIFE 3 x 50' observational doc series, medical ethical dilemmas, producers Page Shepherd, Sophie Robinson & James van der Pool. Shortlisted for Best Editing BAFTA and nominated for a Grierson Award.

BBC1: THE HUMAN BODY - THE END OF LIFE 1 of 7 x 50' landmark doc series with Prof Robert Winston, the moment of death, director Chris Spencer. BAFTA, RTS & San Francisco Film Festival awards.

BBC1: SPACE - WITH SAM NEILL 3 of 6 x 30' series, presented by Sam Neill, director Jeremy Turner. RTS award.

BBC1: HUMAN INSTINCT 2 of 4 x 60' landmark doc series with Prof Robert Winston, evolutionary behaviour, director Natasha Bondy. Shortlisted for BAFTAs, nominated for Emmy.

BBC2: SEVEN INDUSTRIAL WONDERS - THE GREAT SHIP 1 of 7 x 50' drama/doc series, I.K. Brunel's greatest challenge, director Chris Spencer.

CH4: STRESSED OUT 90' doc, curing stress at work, director Steve Bailey for Wall to Wall.

BBC3: BEING POSITIVE: DEAD LUCKY, DEAD UNLUCKY 2 x 50' docs, examines history & origin of the disease, director Andy Robbins.

BBC2: HOW TO BUILD A HUMAN 2 of 4 x 50' doc series, science of genetics, directors Andrew Cohen & Chris Lethbridge. Shortlisted for BAFTA award.

BBC1: THE HUMAN MIND 1 of 3 x 60' landmark doc series with Prof Robert Winston, the universe within, series producer Mark Hedgcoe, director Diana Hill.

NVC ARTS / ARTE / BBC: RICHARD II 2 hour drama stars Fiona Shaw, director Deborah Warner, producer John Wyver for Illuminations. Rocky award.

BBC2 / NVC / ABC / PBS: AUSTRALIA: BEYOND THE FATAL SHORE 4 of 6 x 50' docs, art critic/author Robert Hughes returns home, directors Chris Spencer, Phil Smith and Richard Curzon Smith for Oxford Films. RTS award.

BBC1: THE SECRET LIFE OF CROCODILES 50' doc, science adventure in outback Australia, director Jill Fullerton Smith.

CH4: THE 1900 HOUSE 4 of 8 x 30' series, modern family live as Victorians, director Caroline Ross-Pirie for Wall to Wall. Indy award.

CH4: ARTHOUSE MAKING A KILLING 50' doc, art thriller follows lost painting, director Chris Spencer for Diverse.

ITV NETWORK FIRST/ PBS NOVA: THREE MEN AND A BALLOON 50' doc, Richard Branson attempts to fly around the world by balloon, director Garfield Kennedy.

BBC2: CHRIS PATTEN'S EAST & WEST - THE PACIFIC CENTURY 1 of 3 x 40' doc series, the former Governor's view, director Chris Spencer for Oxford Films. Indy award.

CH4 / THE TATE GALLERY: THE 1996 TURNER PRIZE & THE 1998 TURNER PRIZE 4 x short films on artists & 40 min doc, director Terry Braun, producer Linda Zuck for Illuminations.

CH4: RENEGADE TV GETS DAZED 2 hour night of dissident TV conceived by Dazed & Confused magazine, producer Laura Hastings for Uden Associates.

ITV/OXFORD SCIENTIFIC FILMS: PEAK PERFORMANCE 26' doc, special filming used to analyse top athletes, director Richard Broad.

CH4: WITHOUT WALLS AUTOEROTIC 26' doc, Streamline car design in the 1930s, director Nick Bray for Uden Associates.

BBC: THE ENTERTAINMENT BIZ 1 of 6 x 48' docs: scratching the underbelly of Hollywood, directors Gina and Jeremy Newson.


BBC2 HORIZON SPECIAL: THE TRUTH ABOUT SEX 50' science doc, landmark sex survey, director Celia Lowenstein, producer Max Whitby.

BBC2 HORIZON: 1997 MIND OVER BODY, 1999 SUDDEN DEATH, 2002 TRIAL AND ERROR, 2003 GOD ON THE BRAIN 4 x 50' science docs, 1997 director Jill Fullerton-Smith, 1999/2003 Liz Tucker, 2002 Andrew Cohen.

BBC: HEART OF THE MATTER 4 of 30' doc series by Joan Bakewell.

ABC: THREE MEN & A BABY GRAND 10 x 30' sitcom/ent series.

ABC: HEARTLAND 2 eps of 13 x 50' drama miniseries starring Cate Blanchett. AFI & Australian Human Rights Award.

ABC: GROWING UP FAST 60' doc on youth culture.

ABC: THE MONEY OR THE GUN ON ICE: ANTARCTICA 70' comedy/doc with Andrew Denton. Bronze medal at New York TV Festival.

ABC: GP 8 x 50' eps of drama serial.

ABC: THE MONEY OR THE GUN: SERIES 1 & 2 23 x 45' comedy. Won 3 AFI Awards and UN Media Peace Prize.

ABC: ELTON JOHN "TOUR DE FORCE" DOCUMENTARY 60' music doc shortlisted for 1987 Cannes award.

ABC: THE DINGO PRINCIPLE 10 x 30' weekly sketch comedy / political satire.