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Britain’s Greatest Pilot BBC2


The World According to Jeff Goldblum

nothing short of incredible. This show will be waiting for you with an enormous smile and wide-open arms, only as Goldblum would." COMICBOOK.COM

“surely millions will subscribe only for The World According to Jeff Goldblum” WALL STREET JOURNAL

“It is peak Goldblum, and I am absolutely here for it...” SLASHFILM

Wonders of the Moon

“Done with a lightness of touch that made it less a science lesson and more an adventure” THE TELEGRAPH

“Sumptuous photography, illuminating detail” DAILY MAIL 

You will never look at the Moon in the same way again” THE TIMES

Black and British: A Forgotten History

“It’s brilliant work” THE GUARDIAN

“an immensely informative and rewarding series” THE TIMES

“Stories that fill the heart” THE RADIO TIMES

“a deeply moving as well as a truly fascinating series” TV TIMES

“a compelling exploration of the country’s black history” DAILY TELEGRAPH

Forces of Nature

“absorbing and beautiful”  DAILY MAIL 

“awe-inspiring, incredibly brilliant, heart in the mouth stuff” THE GUARDIAN

“has to be seen to be believed” THE TIMES

“carefully crafted - an embodiment of the Reithian ideals of inform educate and entertain” THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners

“thoughtful, thorough, unswerving” THE GUARDIAN

“takes us into fascinating and appalling territory” THE NEW STATESMAN

“haunting and disturbing” THE RADIO TIMES

“truly jaw dropping in its revelations, important and informative as it is disturbing” THE DAILY MAIL

Countdown to Life: The Extraordinary Making of You

“ gripping, treated its subject with gentle, scholarly care” THE TELEGRAPH

“Mesmerising take on the miracle of life shows the BBC at its best” THE INDEPENDENT

“astonishing, flawless and stylish” THE GUARDIAN

“stunning gold standard television” THE HERALD

Human Universe

“a breathless journey that leaves you reeling” THE GUARDIAN

“beautiful, even spiritual moments that made the screen shimmer” THE DAILY MAIL

“Lord Reith would approve” THE TELEGRAPH

“Cox’s love letter to humanity is an ego boost for our species” THE INDEPENDENT

Britain’s Greatest Pilot - 

The Extraordinary Story of Captain Winkle Brown

“Crisply, drily narrated by the man himself” FINANCIAL TIMES

“a vivid portrait of a courageous life, lived to the full”  DAILY MAIL

“a tail this good needs few embellishments” GUARDIAN

“outstandingly heroic story”  DAILY MAIL

“there are war stories, and then there are War Stories” TELEGRAPH

Light and Dark

“Unmissable TV”  FOCUS

“Classy and Hugely absorbing” RADIO TIMES

“Illuminating science at its best”  MAIL ON SUNDAY

“Well explained, well illustrated and well worth watching” OBSERVER

“Perfectly formed two-parter”  GUARDIAN

“A masterpiece of clarity” THE TIMES

“Epic popular science” TIMEOUT

Origins of Us 

“this series is an unqualified triumph.  Alice Roberts is one of the most lucid, informed and engaging presenters on television... It is an understated revelation."  THE TIMES

"a marvellous example of intelligent yet sublimely accessible science education *****" THE MAIL ON SUNDAY

"a fascinating exploration of how our bodies were sculpted by our ancestors' struggle for survival - Who Do You Think You Are? writ large"  THE INDEPENDENT


Wonders of the Solar System: Empire of the Sun 

“Cox’s romantic, lyrical approach to astrophysics all adds up to an experience that feels less like homework and more like having a story told to you. A really good story, too. I'm clearly smitten.”  GUARDIAN

“This is a series that stands comparisons with classics such as Carl Sagans Cosmos and Jacob Bronowski’s Ascent of Man.” RADIO TIMES

“The sort of television that captivates hungry young minds, the sort that’s recalled as inspirational for years to come.” SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

“Cox radiated a kind of ecstatic glee as he took us on a mind-bending tour of the solar system, illustrating the astonishing life giving power of the sun.” 


Inside the Human Body

A lyrical celebration of the body's ingenuity. It is pervaded by a sense of wonder and punctuated by startling facts.” THE INDEPENDENT

By the end of this, you may well conclude that the word “amazing” is pitifully inadequate and even that old chestnut “the miracle of life” doesn’t quite cut it.” THE MIRROR

“did more to make death less scary than any theologian has done” THE GUARDIAN

Geldof in Africa 

This is something special.”  SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

“Poetic, portentous and fascinating.” FINANCIAL TIMES

“Mesmerising and illuminating viewing. You will, I promise, never see Africa in the same light again.” RADIO TIMES

“A beguiling mix of high-ground morality, mystical anthropology, pressure politics and a love letter. Beautiful and elegiac.” TIMES

The Six Billion Dollar Experiment

Managed to capture the heady wonder of attempting to grasp at things light years beyond our comprehension.”  THE INDEPENDENT

Seven Wonders of the Industrial World: The Great Ship

“A groundbreaking achievement: attains the artistry of drama with the faithfulness of documentary. The only appropriate response as the credits roll is applause.” 


“Fabulously impressive.” THE INDEPENDENT

“Terrific. Grippingly told. Undeniably stirring.” THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

“Juggled drama and documentary with great assurance. Mind-boggling.” DAILY MAIL

Edge of Life

A powerful, moving and disturbing film. Not for the faint-hearted.”  


“Thought provoking and understated documentary. If the content is sometimes unavoidably rough, the technique is impressibly smooth.” GUARDIAN

“Putting faces and histories to what otherwise might be abstract issues is this film’s great strength. Some scenes make very uncomfortable viewing.” DAILY TELEGRAPH

“Over the years television has brought us many programmes about hospitals. But I cannot recall one that came quite so close to the heart of the matter.” DAILY MAIL

Human Instinct

Beautifully crafted and winningly delivered.” THE INDEPENDENT

Beyond the Fatal Shore

A singularly unmissable documentary series.” THE TIMES

“A fantastic documentary full of personal insight, grand vision and a real, gritty feel for Australia.” THE GUARDIAN

“Glowed with colour, intelligence and unexpected pleasures.” DAILY EXPRESS

Help Me Help My Child

It would be difficult to watch this programme without coming away feeling better about the world.”  TIMES

“A non-judgemental documentary, thankfully devoid of sensationalism. Quietly compelling.” EVENING STANDARD

Chris Patten’s East and West

An absolute corker, shot and directed with great flair, full of insight and wit, and covering a great deal of ground without ever appearing simplistic or glib.”  


“The programme excels. The visual slickness is complemented by a narrative that eschews complex financial theorising and lets people tell their story.” TIME OUT


This giddingly lovely new series will have you reaching for the stars with delight.”  


“Accessible, awesome, compelling viewing.” SUNDAY EXPRESS

“These shows look like manna from heaven.” THE TIMES

“A brilliant, quite breathtakingly beautiful six part tour of the cosmos” 


The Human Body: The End of Life

Extraordinarily powerful and moving television.” THE TIMES

“Powerful stuff and perfectly done.” THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

“Incredibly moving.” THE MAIL ON SUNDAY

“Landmark television.” THE INDEPENDENT

“Its sense of wonder is intense... a fitting conclusion to this awesome series.” 


“Tender, moving, even life-affirming.” THE EXPRESS

“Herbie faced his end with dignity and the result is a film of almost unbearable poignancy.” THE SUNDAY TIMES


A brilliant new drama series with a startling insight into Aboriginal culture.”