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Expedition Volcano
An international science mission to one of the world’s most dangerous, spectacular and least known volcanoes on Earth: Nyiragongo. The team descend into the crater and carry out experiments to reveal what goes on beneath the Earth’s crust. 1 hour documentary for BBC2, directed by Simon Winchcombe.

Blitz: The Bombs That Changed Britain

The butterfly effect of one bomb - from initial impact right through to the wider consequences for modern Britain - is tracked, unveiling a complex chain reaction of personal, social and national stories. 1 of 4 x 1 hour history series by Wall to Wall for BBC2, directed by Ben Crichton.

The Science of Life and Death

This ground-breaking film will conduct a unique scientific investigation into the process of death, to discover how a better understanding can help prolong life. 2 x 60min science series for BBC2, directed by Naomi Austin.

The Human Body: Secrets of Your Life Revealed: Learn
Dr Chris and Dr Xand van Tullekan uncover how our experiences shape our minds and bodies as we make the journey from helpless babies to the most sophisticated organism on earth. 1 of 3 x 1 hour science series for BBC2, directed by Penny Palmer.

Wonders of the Moon
The moon has always captivated humanity. But now, new technology allows us to see and share our fascination as never before. 1 hour documentary for BBC1, directed by James van der Pool.


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Expedition Volcano, BBC2