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One Bomb: The Hidden Histories of The Blitz

The butterfly effect of one bomb - from initial impact right through to the wider consequences for modern Britain - is tracked, unveiling a complex chain reaction of personal, social and ultimately national stories. 1 of 4 x 1 hour science series by Wall to Wall for BBC2, directed by Ben Crichton.

Magic Ingredients
Professor Mark Miodownik will reveal a set of rare materials that can do things that should be impossible. 1 hour science documentary for BBC4, directed by Laura Mulholland.

Soundwaves: Good Vibrations

Every sound wave contains information about where it’s come from and the journey its been on. This is the story of the complex ways in which we precisely decode this information. And how the more we’ve come to understand sound, the more we’ve been able to use it to explore our world. 1 of 2 x 60min science series for BBC4, directed by Suzy Boyles.

The End of the Dinosaurs
It was the greatest vanishing in the history of our planet
. 66 million years ago, the world was alive with dinosaurs And then, in a moment, they disappeared. For the first time a remarkable expedition will drill into an ancient undersea meteor crater to uncover the secret of what killed these mighty creatures. 1 hour science documentary for BBC2, directed by Nick Green.


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Forces of Nature, BBC1